Spaghetti Supper

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the spaghetti supper.  It was a great success and Van Wert Demolay is very happy that it went well.  A special thank you to Mom Laing and Mom Dettrow for all of their hard work in the kitchen.  Great work everyone and hope to see all the Demolays at the informal meeting on July 24.


Congratulations to Brother Robert Laing who was recently installed as the State Master Counilor of Ohio Demolay, and Brother A.J Thomas who was recently installed as the State Chaplain of Ohio Demolay!  The installation took place at Conclave 2011 located at Kent State University.  There were 10 young Demolays from Van Wert Chapter amongst the many that gathered at Conclave.  Congrats Bob and A.J, Van Wert Chapter is very proud of all the things that you have accomplished!

Demolay Links

If you ever have a question or want to know more about Demolay, check out these two links.
Ohio Demolay- and Demolay International- Also check out the Van Wert Demolay Facebook page for more info about Van Wert Demolay.